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This maze is specifically designed to develop and hone your manual mill skills. Introduced as part of the 2018 Bar Z summer Bash festivities, this unit is Intended to be used with a static probe or stylus. The concept is to navigate the maze without touching the sides. Repeated use of this maze is guaranteed to develop eye hand coordination so you don't even think about which way to turn those handles when a real job is in your vise. This is a fantastic device to train new operators or hone your own skills. Its harder than it looks and is going to raise your pulse either way. As your skill gets better, use a larger diameter stylus to refine your skills. A stylus is not included, but we suggest a piece of 3/8" diameter plastic rod be used to avoid maze sidewall damage. The maze is CNC cut from 6061 aluminum and blasted for a contrast finish. Measurements 6 1/2" x 8" x 1/2".

Mill Skill Training Maze

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