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This is the barrel of the Naval Deck Cannon currently being machined, filmed and posted to our YouTube channel. This item will be awarded to the high bidder at the conclusion of the build based on the time stamp of their bid as it appears on the e-mail communication. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the bidder. NOTE: The barrel bore of this model terminates just before the trunion OD. This is a non functioning model, so shipping is not a problem. Machined from solid brass. All bids should be placed using our CONTACT PAGE on this website. Be sure to include an e-mail address when bidding.  As the bids are received, the price shown on the website will be changed so you can see the last bid made. Bid of $250 current as of 1:27 CST 2/20/20

Hand Made Naval Deck Cannon Model

SKU: By Bid Only
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