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This selection has it all. This heavily discounted, all inclusive package comes complete with the rear crossbar upgrade option and coil safety lanyard and as part of the package deal. This allows you to outfit 'The Rack' exactly how you want it with just one order point. Just select your light color, light model and camera mount type.  We factory install the crossbar/lanyard upgrade and ship 'The Rack' to you, ready to use! You will realize the most savings by ordering your new 'Rack' system fully outfitted right from the start with this option! The GoPro camera scuba housing shown in the pictures is not included in the sale price. The factory installed crossbar is all black and does not have the red end caps shown.

'The Rack' Complete System BEST VALUE PURCHASE !

Light Color: Black
  • When you select the Universal camera mount option, we will throw in a GoPro tripod adapter so you can use a GoPro camera ( in a scuba housing ) if you ever decide to.

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