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Testimonials from past and present customers

" I have worked closely with Joe Pieczynski and Advanced Innovations for many years. He is clearly one of the most talented product developers I have ever worked with. His thought process and ability to find solutions to problems is fantastic. This usually results in a first round prototype that is nearly the end product. His quality of work is impeccable and I can fully recommend his work to anyone with an inquisitive mind."

Stefan Kreuzer MS/MD

Associate Professor, University of Texas

"I had been working on a putter design for quite some time. Previously I had to go between a CAD designer and CNC manufacturer which resulted in more time and money. I now have both in Joe Pieczynski and Advanced Innovations. Joe found solutions to some design issues I had and the result was a putter that I currently have in my golf bag and am selling to golfers online. With Joe's help the putters are made from the finest materials and are meticulously crafted. His quality and attention to details is why I use him. As a Golf Professional with over 25 years of experience I have come across the finest of golf equipment and I am proud to include my putters among them."

Arnie Segura - President

Arnie Segura Golf, LLC

" Joe has been assisting us assess the practicality of an inherently difficult machining task. He has proved to be exceedingly competent, as well as creative, a rare combination. It is a pleasure to recommend his services. "

Stephen Kurtin, PHD


Lane Research

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